In my quest to present the most excellent sacrifice of worship to God, I lost my cool. You may be wondering how could someone with such good intentions, great gifting behave so gracelessly? Truth be told, I was disappointed in myself. I should have been, could have been better, more matured than that. The emotions of frustration enveloped me and in that moment I yielded to it. Needless to say I repented to God, my husband and the people I offended.  As God chastened me He reminded me of the story of Cain and Able. His acceptance wasn’t about the gift but rather the heart and character of the giver. As a leader of worship it’s important for me to clothe my expectation of excellence with Grace and Love so that Christ is always seen in and through ME not just my gift.  Humility, Godly repentance, Grace and Love are the pathways to divine. #ACCESS